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Purpose The 5,000 barrel tank is a collapsible fabric liquid storage container designed to store non-potable water and process/flowback water for use in hydraulic fracturing where permanent storage is not accessible or desired.
Performance The tank is comprised of heavy nylon cloth coated on both sides with a polyurethane  elastomer. The tank and components are suitable for operational use at ambient temperatures from plus 125°F (51.7°C) to -25°F (-31.7°C). The tank materials are designed to resist exposure effects from extreme temperatures, rain, snow, ice, fungi growth and high humidity conditions.  The tank is self-supporting and does not require earth-embankment support.
Site Specific Conditions 120ft x 60ft area clear of large impediments and sharps.  Grade not to exceed 2% [1.2deg]  Free from runoff or high water conditions
Volume 5000 US barrel  -  210,000 US gallon [795,000 liter – 795 m3]

Flexible Collapsible Liquid Storage Tank, Self Supporting, Temporary Storage


Layflat: 112ft [34m]  X 50ft [15m]

108ft [33m] X  46ft [14m] x 6ft [1.8m]


~ 5,000 lbs [2270 kg]


Aluminum 6 inch US Camlock Q/D Standard

Repair Kit

Mechanical Patches and Plugs Standard

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