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Avon Engineered Fabrications (AEF) was established in 1986, formerly known as “Bell Avon” AEF has maintained design and production engineering capability and have become a world class supplier of industrial coated fabric goods. AEF’s engineering expertise coupled with our focus on continuous improvement and value engineering provides major benefits for our customers in delivering levels of quality while holding costs down. AEF has designed and built literally hundreds of various flexible fabrications.


AEF offer customers a full range of elastomeric coated fabrics as well as state of the art joining/seaming techniques. Materials are sold in roll form or as flexible fabric product assemblies such as hovercraft skirt sets or bulk liquid storage and distribution systems. AEF stocks a significant quantity of raw material at our Mississippi manufacturing plant, offering customers significantly reduced delivery times. Special runs or non-stock fabrics can also be obtained depending on the specific application.


Dynamic Air Shelters Ltd. is the developer of the Blast Resistant Air Shelter and Geotextile Ballistic Resistant Wall. They have established themselves as a world class designer and manufacturer of shelter solutions for the most challenging health and environmental conditions.  This cutting-edge company has pioneered the creation of large, inflatable quick-deploy buildings, priding themselves on safety, accuracy and excellence in every commercial structure they produce.


The two partners of innovation have come together to collaborate in this joint venture to provide customers products that meet the demands of the industry with cost effective environmentally compatible solutions. The newly developed FLEXss fluid storage system offers exciting technological advantages for the international petroleum industry, with breakthroughs in water management operational advantages and competitive costing.  FLEXss is designing and manufacturing solutions of highly portable, lightweight designs with rapid installation efficiencies.


About our ISO Certification

Both Avon Engineered Fabrications and Dynamic Shelters operates a “best-in-class” quality control system and are certified to the international ISO 9001:2008 standard (International Organization for Standardization) for quality systems. This means that, whenever you receive a product from FLEXss, you can be sure that the product has been manufactured under a quality system that meets the highest international standards.


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