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Upstream hydraulic fracking operations

The FLEXss system is technically designed to contain fresh water for injecting fluid and sand formulations to enhance fracking well production. The FLEXss portable tanks are uniquely designed to store the resulting supply of “flow-back” or production water in the same tank which displaces the fresh water;




Pollution containment control
FLEXss containment tanks provide highly cost-effective advantages versus current procedures for pollution clean-up operations, whether onshore or offshore. These advantages include:

  Replacing slow and expensive tank truck operations

  Quick mobilizing of clean-up operations for oil spills

  Designed to be employed offshore as a floating storage


Refinery maintenance slop water tank

The FLEXss product line offers multiple applications within petroleum refineries and chemical plants for storage tank and processing unit maintenance applications by containing slop water with chemical impurities. These tanks provide portability and efficient space limited advantages over present maintenance practices.

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